jobsNow-a-days, both job seekers and companies are trying hard to get, what they expect. As the number of opportunities for job seekers increasing, the employee retention ratio is decreasing for the companies. Companies should take care of some vital things while dealing with both job seekers and new employees.

Things which are to be taken care while recruiting your virtual assistant


Sometimes, even in short duration, the candidate leaves the job because of various reasons. To avoid this, the company should take few steps while recruiting.

Should convey the exact job description: Conveying the exact job description is an important point while recruiting. Ignoring this can cause major damage for the recruiting process. The difference in job description given while recruiting and actual job experience can lead to distraction of work, which finally leads to job dissatisfaction. By providing the exact job description while recruiting can avoid this type of situations.

Company’s work culture should be explained: Candidate with high expectation towards the company’s work culture may not adjust to the actual environment. Recruiter should explain in detail about the work culture followed by the company and should not add unnecessary fancy things. Work culture, which is actually followed by the company, should be explained while recruiting.

• Apart from salary, perks should be discussed: After selecting the candidate, without discussing the other issues like pick and drop facility, number of vacations per month, food facilities etc can create a doubt on the facilities provided by the company. Discussing regarding the perks with the candidate can help in increasing the anxiety for joining. It helps in better understanding the facilities provided by the company and the care it shows towards its employees.

Other miscellaneous expectation should be cleared: Candidates after selected in interview have several doubts on petty things like personal calls, timings of lunch breaks, meeting with supervisor etc. Without having a clear idea on these petty but important things, his work might get affected. The recruiter should make it clear that the candidate has no doubts any thing related to the job and the company.

Effective recruiting process of the company helps in selecting the appropriate candidate for required post. Company should maintain consistency in what is told while recruiting and the actual experience. Conducting an interview with new employee to know whether his expectations are met or not, can help in improving the recruitment process. Enhancement of the new employee experience helps in improving their satisfaction and overall retention ratio.